Who are we?

Our Mission

We are an international canine training center focused on developing an effective communication between dogs and their owners so that they establish a strong and healthy bond that allows both to be happy, we offer different services focused on the usefulness of the dog as a friend and member of the family like family protection Dog and the use of them to work as search and rescue, detection of narcotics and explosives among other specialties such as psycho-emotional assistance. We all know that the dog is man’s best friend but we work every day to someday become the dog’s best friend.

How everything started

Julian Penagos and Jannik Fuchs met in Munich Germany thanks to a great friend in common who is also a dog’s lover Lukas Kempf, through that first contact they found in common their great love and passion for dogs as they developed canine projects in Europe. They came to the conclusion that they should translate that passion into a project to educate dogs and their families besides it, They have also brought to Colombia the best genetics in dogs for service and work. This is how Black Wolf K-9 Cali was born, an international dog training center focused on real dogs for real situations.

Our Core Values

Our core values are based on respect for life, honesty with our customers and confidentiality. Our ethics of prevention and intervention against animal abuse . We are their  Voice and their hope, although we work directly only with dogs, we also support respect for animals in general, regardless of their species in favor of educating and preventing abuse in any expression, so our teaching methods are based on love and respect Combined with games, toys and food for the dog always learn through the best possible experience.


CEO Jannik Fuchs

Co-Founder and Investor of Black Wolf K-9

COO Julian Penagos

Co-Founder and Operator of Black Wolf K-9