Family Protection


Our Protection dogs are ideal for you and your family, The dog is not only considered the best friend of man, but can also create a safe environment and a harmonious atmosphere with the proper training. A family Protection dog gives your home a sense of security that technology measures can not provide. Our highly trained Protection dogs take care of your family, home and property. Your best dog- friend protects you in all situations, even in moments of crisis, in your own home and outside. A Protection Dog is not a luxury, but an investment in the safety and emocional health of your family.

Family Friend

Playing with children, respecting other animals, not running like crazy behind a cat, all this is part of having a good pet so the early and correct socialization is what will allow us to have a stable, balanced and happy dog. That is why we care that the whole process is appropriate, duly weaned puppies of their mother when the time is right and show them how incredible the world is and how they can enjoy it with us. Our Dogs are lovely pets raised and trainned with love and respect creating the correct and necessary connection that we will use for the dog to work with happiness, enthusiasm and love for those who have given him all this.

Training Process

The training process starts from the correct selection of the puppy understand the physical and social skills of their parents and also determine which is the puppy that offers us such skills to work them and develop them and become the ideal dog for us and our customers.
The work methodology is based on determining the puppy's innate abilities and the correct socialization allowing him through this combination to develop the correct character that allows us to enjoy an excellent pet, a friend and a protector for any situation.


A dog for family protection is a dog that through an arduous genetic and phenotypic selection has been determined to meet the characteristics sought to offer us to be a friend, pet and a relentless protector against any situation. As a result of excellent training, the dog is loaded with the information necessary to discern and determine when it should protect us either because we ordered it or because there is a sudden threat to which immediately must intercept. At the same time we have a friendly pet that allows us to share with the family and enjoy the privilege of having man's best friend the Dog.