The psycho-emotional rehabilitation assisted with dogs is an incredible method where we take advantage of a universal feeling such as love and its link to heal, discover and advance in everything that creates conflict and pain. What feeling is stronger than love? And that love is a feeling printed on our best friend the dog. The use of such a link together with psychoanalysis and psycho-graphological techniques will lead us to understand ourselves more and to walk towards the path of our tranquility and inner peace.

About the Terapeut:

My name is Julian Penagos I have done studies in history and paleography focused on understanding our role in history as a society in order to identify cultural anthropo patterns that bring us closer to understanding our self in this sociological structure.

I had the opportunity to make cultural anthropo studies focused on analysis of the evolution of the human being and the different cultures and their linguistic structures and the impact of them in their different contexts.

I carried out these studies in Colombia and the United States in addition to this I had the opportunity to perform a specialization in psychoanalysis and graphology I have performed works in emotional psycho rehabilitation with animals especially with dogs for emotional support.

Find your Peace in Dogs



We have different therapy options for this program: visits with emotional support dogs: in this case we mutually agree on periodic visits to start a process with both the therapy dog and the psychoanalyst, each session has a duration of 1 hour always taking into account the immediate needs of the patient and the psychotherapeutic rhythm that is most convenient.

Your Dog

Acquisition of an emotional support dog: in this case the patient acquires the dog with us permanently and through classes and sessions he learns how to handle it and how to benefit psychically from it, the process has 3 visits per week from our team of work and therapeutic sessions to initiate a process of emotional and psychological healing.


The psycho-assisted emotional therapy with dogs is a program designed to emotionally approach our unresolved Conflict through the affection and support that only our friends dogs can provide, through this human dog link we can decipher understand and resolve issues that are difficult or impossible for us to face.