Our dog obedience program consists of 6 modules. 2 basic obedience modules. Two of advanced obedience and two of specialty. Our methodology consists in placing the dog in our canine center and starting a process of sensitization and desensitization of everything we want to introduce or extinguish as behavior.

Integral education and success is the commitment of both the trainer and the dog family to obtain the expected results as a team. The dog will learn through the games, food and their favorite toys, walks in nature and proper socialization with other dogs and stimuli from the city and the countryside.s

Rehabilitation and Socialisation

If you are thinking of starting a process of rehabilitation of canine behavior with your dog we congratulate you, because you are about to embark on an interesting adventure in favor of both. However, you must be very aware that for favorable results, this process will require time, change of habits and dedication.

The rehabilitators do a great job, but in order not to fall back into the vices that generated your dog's misconduct, it is important that you and your family get fully involved and committed to this process. This will be a team Family + Dog + Coach = Success

Basic Obedience

Basic obedience exercises integrate a dog's first level of training. These are primary and general orders, which include "heal", "sit", "down", "still", "here". These commands are used to start educating domestic and professional dogs. Training a service dog, for example, also begins with these basic exercises, in addition to the incentive to play, the importance of positive reinforcement.

Advanced Obedience

Advanced level canine obedience exercises All dogs that already have a basic obedience can access this level.

The advanced level serves to have greater control over the dog in any situation and to strengthen the dog-guide relationship.

At the advanced level of obedience all basic obedience exercises (sit stay, call back heal) are perfected, whether in form, distance, time or speed.


If your Dog is a very good Studand and willing to learn more he will be able to learn how to search People or protekt his Family successfully

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